The fundamental purpose of all software is to process input and produce output.

io is everything

Conventional approaches to application development meant that applications that appeared simple on the outside, invariably had to be complex behind the scenes.

ioL provides an environment that simplifies application development at a fundamental, language-independent level.


ioL's unique paradigm of Turing-complete interface streams may take a little getting used to at first.

Once you get it, it's the only approach that makes sense.

Antiquated concepts like hardware device drivers and API version dependencies, along with artificial distinctions like online vs native software development, become irrelevant once you bring ioL into the picture.

Software makes sense again

Conventional application platforms confuse the vital relationship between programs and io. The conventional result is software code that turns to spaghetti as features are added, and rapidly becomes prohibitive to build, maintain, and verify. ioL provides a system environment where programs retain control of their own program flow. The result of using ioL's more natural approach, is robust native software that is easier to write and easier to debug.